For Innervisions' Âme debut album "Dream House", released in 2018, I had the opportunity to support artist Florian Auer in creating the captivating album artwork. The title "Dream House" is a reference to the iconic sound and light installation created by minimalist composer La Monte Young and multimedia artist Marian Zazeela. Inspired by their work, the artwork explores a landscape that harmonizes with Zazeela's mesmerizing lighting and design. In addition to album artwork, I also had the privilege of designing several loops for Innervisions' YouTube channel, crafting a captivating music video for the track "Queen of Toys," and creating animated album art footage for immersive live visuals during their performances and events. It was an extraordinary experience to merge music and visual art, paying homage to the influential Dream House installation while adding a contemporary and unique touch to Âme's musical journey.
Âme Live at Innervisions London, Royal Albert Hall (Electronic Beats TV) courtesy of Telekom Electronic Beats TV
Some of the footage I created for Âme in use for live visuals. 

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