For the TOCA ME 2013 event in Munich, director Timo Böse created a captivating fusion of classic and modern aesthetics in his work. By skillfully intertwining visual elements and employing a delicate balance of vibrant colors and soothing sounds, Böse infused his piece with a dynamic yet gentle ambiance. The traditional camera captured Still Life arrangements were brought to life with subtle yet captivating 3D animations, paying homage to the event's affiliated artists. Timo's innovative approach beautifully harmonized tradition and innovation, resulting in a truly mesmerizing experience.


Director: Timo Böse
DoP: Timo Böse
3D: Julio Clavijo, Kay Tennemann, Markus Koos
Compositing: Timo Böse
Rotoscoping: Joana Huguenin
Set Extensions: Joana Huguenin
Produced by Lowerground –
Audio: David Kamp –
Media Support: RED One Mysterium X by OMStudios Berlin –

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