I had the opportunity to collaborate once again with Bilou, a cosmetics brand by Bibisbeautypalace, renowned for its appeal to young and teenage girls. This time, the task was to extend their range with two exciting new fragrances: Funky Cola and Sunny Vibes. To bring these products to life, I designed and produced delightful 3D animations that captured the essence of Bilou's fun, light, and cheerful style. These animations served a multi-purpose role, specifically designed for utilization across various social media channels and online presentations. The objective was clear: to engage Bilou's target audience and create a captivating visual experience that seamlessly aligned with their brand identity.
Working closely with the team at Bilou, I ensured that the animations captured the essence of the new fragrances, effectively communicating their unique qualities and creating an instant connection with the viewers.
Client: Philosophy Brands

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